It’s not that people with a sculptured bottom have better genes than you. It’s not even their build. It’s simply that they have reshaped that part of their body with the help of an esteemed cosmetic surgeon. So, if it’s time to lift, firm, and round that booty, opting for a Brazilian Butt Lift is the best way to go without starving yourself. Here’s all you need to know about it so you can make the most informed decision possible.Brazilian Butt Lift in Cyprus : A wonder on Its Own

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift ?

It is a butt augmentation surgical procedure that involves the use of your own fat to create round, prominent and youthful buttocks and an overall more sensual body profile. It is the most natural way to augment your butt, which has become a body part with the most press coverage ever over the last couple of years, and applies to people of all body types and ages.

In short, a Brazilian Butt List is perfect for people whose buttocks are:

  • Flat
  • Asymmetrical
  • Sagging
  • Disproportionately Small

It is also an excellent option for people that have had a massive weight loss, which has resulted in the change of the shape of their buttocks.

Brazilian Butt Lift : The Procedure

The way a Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is performed varies per plastic surgeon. However, there is not doubt that the method selected by your surgeon will affect the results of the procedure and the duration of these results over time.

Before the surgery, Dr. Bugra will carefully assess your overall health and skin quality and determine the amount of fat that will need to be transferred. Then, you will be provided with a detailed explanation of the selected approach. You will also be asked to decide which body parts you want fat removed from (i.e. upper/lower tummy, love handles, flanks, inner/outer thighs, even knees!) and transferred into the buttocks to help create an aesthetically appealing, curvaceous result.

The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia, where Dr. Bugra uses a minimally invasive liposuction procedure that allows him to make extremely small incisions in the skin and extract the fat from the chosen areas with the help of a micro-needle. Dr. Bugra only uses the smallest fat particles, which, according to world-wide fat grafting experts, make the best fat grafts.

Then the fat is purified by centrifugation and decanting and is carefully injected into the buttocks at key locations to fill your upper quadrant and the areas around the buttocks to make your butt look perky and lifted. Injecting the most viable and purest fat possible into your buttocks also guarantees a more long-lasting result. As for the duration of the fat transfer procedure, it depends on the amount of fat that has to be removed but is on average around 2 hours 30 minutes.

Note: At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus the Brazilian Butt Lift is the only butt augmentation procedure that we provide as it is a far better technique than butt implants and delivers better and more long-standing results. That aside, it is also a procedure with low complication rate compared to butt implants.

The Pre- and Post-Operative Requirements

At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus clinic, we require our patients to undergo a full blood screening at the Near East University hospital where your procedure is carried out. Prior to arrival in Cyprus we also check patients’ medical history and physical condition to exclude any factors that could cause complications during or after the surgery, by asking patients to complete a full medical questionnaire which is then reviewed by Dr Bugra and the anaesthetist before it is agreed that the patient can come to Cyprus for the procedure. It is also recommended to reduce smoking as much as possible leading up to the procedure and not to drink alcohol for 3 days before. You are provided with full pre-operative instructions in relation to eating and drinking on the evening/morning before the surgery. If you are taking aspirin products, you will also be asked to stop taking them a week prior surgery.

After the surgery, Dr. Bugra will give you detailed post-operative instructions and advise you when is the ideal time to gradually introduce your daily and weekly activities. Please follow these instructions closely to make sure the fat cells survive after the butt lift and prevent partial loss of the fat graft. Provided you follow Dr Bugra’s instructions there will be no complications.

With that in mind, you will have to avoid sitting in the same position for prolonged periods of time, alternating between bottom cheeks and lying on your front as necessary. Drinking lots of fluids, and resting as much as possible for the first 4 to 7 days, as your life permits, and wearing the compression garment that we provide within the price of the surgery around the clock for the first 14 days (could be slightly less or more, depending on the extent of your surgery) are recommended.

Needless to say, we will monitor you for the first 24 hours after surgery in your private room en suite room at the award winning Near East University hospital and for the following few days as you recuperate in your North Cyprus hotel before returning home. You need only stay in Cyprus for 4 days which makes it an easy procedure to fit around even the busiest of lives.

Some minor swelling is expected during the first few weeks, and bruising, but overall you will be able to get back to your daily activities within a few days of the surgery, but will need to abstain from vigorous exercise for at least 4 weeks after the surgery. We can arrange hotel accommodation and transportation to and from the airport and the hospital at minimal additional expense.

Are Fat Injections Permanent ?

Absolutely. If the fat is harvested, purified, and then injected correctly, there is no reason why the results won’t last a very long time. Undeniably, the Brazilian Butt Lift is a procedure whose results rely very much upon the surgeon’s experience and expertise, and with Dr Bugra you are putting your trust in one of the most competent plastic surgeons throughout Europe, if not the world. If your surgeon doesn’t use the correct method to perform the procedure, you will definitely be frustrated by the outcome of the cosmetic surgery, that is why you must come to Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus.

Is the Effect of the Brazilian Butt Lift Affected by Weight Loss/Gain ?

Many patients worry that they will lose the contour and shape of their new buttocks if they gain or lose weight. Again, the result lies in the hands of the surgeon. If they have performed the procedure correctly, your fat grafts will be unaffected. This means that you can keep your new silhouette after a Brazilian Butt Lift no matter what!

Why do Costs for the Procedure Vary so Much ?

The cost of a Brazilian Butt Lift is dependent on the number of areas that will be used to collect fat from (liposuction) and the volume of fat that will be harvested, purified and re-injected. Also, make sure you confirm what the fee of the surgery covers. Normally, it should include the hospital operating theatre costs, anaesthesia, overnight stay in the hospital with full nursing care, dressings and drugs whilst in hospital and post-operative visits to the surgeon and, of course, the surgeon’s fee for initial consultation, procedure and pre-discharge check. With Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus you then have a 24/7 post operative service through our Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus international patient co-ordinator who can refer any questions and requests for advice to Dr Bugra to guarantee a fully comprehensive follow up support service.

It is important to compare apples with apples, make sure that you do a like for like comparison. All the procedures at Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus are performed in the world class Near East University hospital where Dr Bugra is supported in the operating theatre by a full team of fully trained medical staff. The health and safety of our patients is paramount, and whilst we do use this incredible facility, our prices are still incredibly competitive for the quality of our surgeon Dr Bugra and the facilities we use. You will find that many cosmetic surgery clinics have small premises where the procedures are not carried out in the same standard of facility without the same level of medical support, you should take care if even considering such a clinic, yes their prices will be lower, but what about your safety and overall comfort and care ?

Talking of safety you should be aware that some surgeons will attempt to overfill the buttocks with too much fat injected in to the buttocks all at once, and in this situation some of the fat grafts will not survive due to insufficient blood supply, which is necessary for a permanent take. Please be very wary of any surgeon who offers to transfer excessive volumes of fat, the procedure will not be a success and will lead to complications and infection when the fat grafts die.

At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus Dr. Bugra makes sure the results of a Brazilian Butt Lift are just as the patient desires, either natural or extreme if that is what the patient desires, and of course long-lasting. Your buttocks get rounder, fuller, and perkier and you get to enjoy the sensual body profile you have been dreaming of. But that is not all…… not only do you get fabulously shaped buttocks, but also a leaner body, in the areas that you have chosen to be liposuctioned! So, you kill two birds with one stone! It is a win-win procedure every time!

For more information on the Brazilian Butt Lift, kindly contact us.