Finally…the time has come when hair loss is no longer a life sentence, come to Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus for hair transplant surgery performed by our world famous Dr Tayfun. We treat both male and female patients, restoring your diminishing hair and with it your self-confidence.

How Do We Harvest Hair Follicles ?

We use the most modern and advanced technique known as Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE, where we harvest hair follicles from the side or back of the scalp, known as the donor area.

Depending on the individual circumstances , we use either manual or motorised punches, which helps us deliver the best possible result for each patient. And of course, the experience and expertise of our surgeon plays a vital role in the exceptional results that you will get from a hair transplant surgery at Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus.

Why FUE and Not the Classic FUT

Dr Tayfun established his own clinic in Turkey in 1996 carrying out Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or the ‘Strip’ procedure, more recently he has pioneered the use of FUE treatment. With FUE, we remove follicular units one-by-one, which means that there is no linear scar and the grafts heal much faster giving a much improved result in a shorter timescale.

What is the DTR CARE System ?

Founded by Dr Tayfun the DTR CARE System is the latest in hair transplant technology that allows the world-renowned hair restoration specialist to conduct a preliminary analysis and evaluation of the hair in the donor area in order to determine:

  •  Number
  •  Frequency
  •  Thickness

The DTR CARE System allows Dr. Tayfun to assess the donor capacity so that he is able to design the best transplant treatment tailored to the individual’s specific needs.

And, all included in our price!

Whether male or female hair loss is the significant issue for the sufferer, at Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus you have the option of consultation by photograph, which allows you to minimize your time in Cyprus to the minimum time required for the treatment and initial recovery, so we suggest a 5 day visit for your own comfort, although it can be shorter if the stresses of everyday life do not allow you to escape for that long. If you are UK based you also have the option of a face to face consultation with Dr Tayfun when he is visiting London, although you may need to wait a couple of months owing to his busy schedule, however we will arrange that for you. Any consultation is always free of charge and without obligation.

Prices for FUE by way of example are as follows, please note the prices are in EUROS:

No of Grafts
1500-2000 2000 Euros
2500-2800 2800 Euros
3000 3000 Euros
4000 4000 Euros

Once Dr Tayfun has either reviewed your photos or met you face to face, we can provide a firm price for your specific procedure. Our prices include all hair transplant medication and post-operative treatments which will be provided to you on the day of your procedure.

Who Will be Performing your Hair Transplantation and Where ?

With over 20 years’ experience Dr. Tayfun is widely reputed for his hair transplant surgery and has been a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) since 1998. He carries out all of the hair transplant surgeries for Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus.
All of our procedure are carried out at Dr Tayfun’s private hair transplant clinic within the World Class Near East University hospital in North Nicosia, North Cyprus and as you will only have a local anaesthetic you are able to return to your home/accommodation an hour after Dr Tayfun has completed the procedure.

Our International Patient Co-ordinator will guide you through the whole process from initial contact, consultation through to booking your procedure, helping with travel and accommodation arrangements in Cyprus and post-operative care and advice.