cosmetic-surgery-cyprusAt Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we understand only too well that desire to recapture your pre-baby figure, with the most popular areas needing attention being the tummy and the breasts. We can offer a range of tummy and breast procedures, sometimes coupled with a liposuction procedure to suit your individual profile and body issues.

Tummy Tuck, Abdominoplasty

With a Tummy Tuck, or Abdominoplasty as is the medical term, Dr Bugra can remove excess skin and fat to create a tight and flat abdomen, eliminating stretch marks and also tightening tummy muscles as desired. We perform a full tummy tuck where there is fat and excess skin, whereas if owing to the post pregnancy weight loss there is only loose skin to be removed than Dr Bugra will perform a mini tummy tuck, which is both cheaper and has a shorter recovery period.

Tummy Tuck and Liposuction

Often patients believe that they need a tummy tuck and liposuction, however owing Dr Bugra’s expertise on a lot of occasions he is able to achieve the results that the patient is looking for with a tummy tuck alone. Liposuction of course can also be used to eliminate those stubborn pockets of fat around the flanks (or love handles) and also on the saddle bags on the legs, inner thighs and upper arms.

Breast Implants, Breast Augmentation/Enlargement, Breast Lift

For the breast we can offer a range of breast procedures, from a basic breast implant, (breast augmentation, or breast enlargement) procedure, if breast feeding has left you without a noticeable breast. In some case round implants can provide a perfect result, whereas if there is a slight ‘sag’ this can be remedied through the use of anatomical or teardrop shaped implants. At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we use the market leading Mentor brand of silicon implants. Alternatively if the associated weight loss has left your breasts with a greater ‘sag’ or ‘droop’ Dr Bugra can perform a breast lift, or Mastopexy procedure to lift the breasts and re-position the nipple so that the breasts are restored to their pre-pregnancy size and shape. If patients are looking for a little more volume Dr Bugra can perform breast implant surgery at the same time as the lift providing a lifted and increased size. With all our breast augmentation and breast lift procedures Dr Bugra is able to maintain breast feeding ability. When implants are used Dr Bugra uses the dual plane technique whereby the upper half of the implant is placed below the muscle and the lower part is placed above the muscle but below the breast gland, providing the best possible resulting shape.

Breast Reduction

Finally if the additional weight associated with post pregnancy body fat has left you with breasts that are just uncomfortably large then Dr Bugra will perform a breast reduction procedure to remove excess fat, he then repositions the nipples and shapes and lifts the breasts to achieve the size desired by the patient.

For Non-Cyprus Based Patients

We find that our practise of undertaking initial consultation by photograph allows our patients to limit the time in Cyprus and away from their busy lives just to the time required for their surgery and initial recovery. Dr Bugra is happy to provide his recommendations following review of your photographs and for breast implant, breast lift or breast reduction surgery it helps if you can advise us what size you are currently and what size you would wish to achieve following the breast surgery. This service is provided free of charge and is without obligation. On arrival in Cyprus you then have a face to face consultation with Dr Bugra who will confirm his original recommendations with you, and as required help you to make a final decision on the best size of breast implant for your profile.

The Visit to Cyprus

At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we can help you to find the best value flights from your nearest UK airport, we will arrange for you to be met at the airport and taken to your hotel. We have two hotels in Kyrenia, North Cyprus which we use very regularly and therefore have discounted rates available for our patients. The staff are used to taking that extra special care of their Cosmetic Surgery guests. So whether you choose to travel alone, with a friend or family member or bring the whole family along too, we can help you to make the right choice for you and your family.

Near East University Hospital

Your procedure will be performed at the world class award winning Near East University hospital, in that respect, coupled with the expertise of Dr Bugra we can beat our competitors hands down for the quality of the cosmetic surgery and the facilities that you will enjoy. You can have a friend or relative stay with you over night on the guest divan in your private en suite room at no additional charge, which whilst not actually necessary is often a great emotional support.



Mummy Make-Over Discounts

As a ‘mummy make-over’ is more often than not, the combination of at least a breast and a tummy procedure, at Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we are able to give you the best discount possible for the combined procedure. So all you mummies and grandmothers out there, look no further. Dr Bugra is our only cosmetic surgeon, he is the lead cosmetic surgeon in Cyprus and one of the most highly esteemed cosmetic surgeons throughout Europe. Our service is personal, caring and door to door, you just need to look at the Testimonials on our webpage for evidence of that!