SMILE 3rd Generation Laser Eye Correction Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus is able to offer state of the art “SMILE” laser eye correction surgery at the award winning Near East University hospital in Nicosia, North Cyprus.

SMILE Laser surgery represents the latest innovation in eye correction surgery and greatly reduces the risks of complications that were associated with the first and second generation procedures.   Unlike LASIK which involved an incision of around 20mm creating a flap in the cornea, SMILE uses femtosecond technology and requires only a very small incision of approximately 2mm.

Who Can Benefit from Smile Laser Eye Correction Surgery?

ReLEx SMILE laser surgery is a revolutionary technique that turns eye surgery into a keyhole surgery technique.  The treatment is appropriate to treat anyone with a short sighted prescription, with or without an astigmatism.


The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes in total.   You will have a short face to face consultation either on the day prior to or on the morning of your procedure.  Prior to your surgery a few eye drops are applied to anaesthetise the eye and whilst you may experience increased eye watering for a couple of hours after the treatment the side effects are minimal.


Why Have Your SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Abroad


There are many benefits of having your SMILE eye correction surgery abroad:

  • The treatment is carried out as an out-patient and requires only a very short stay in Cyprus although most people choose to extend their stay to have a holiday and enjoy the benefits of our beautiful mediterranean island.
  • Cost Saving – Typically the cost of the SMILE laser eye surgery is less than 50% of the cost in the UK and other European countries.
  • Quality of treatment – The procedure is carried out at the award winning Near East University Hospital in Nicosia which has unparalleled facilities.
  • SMILE laser eye surgery is a minimally invasive treatment and therefore the recovery time is extremely short. You can even swim after only 2 days.
  • The treatment will be performed by the very experienced ophthalmic specialist Prof Dr. Koray.

Cost of SMILE Laser Eye Surgery Abroad

The cost of SMILE laser eye surgery with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus is only £2,200 for both eyes.


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