A Breast lift (Mastopexy) is a cosmetic procedure where excess skin is removed so that the remaining skin can be tightened and the nipple relocated to a higher position resulting in a more youthful appearance. The skin may be removed from beneath the breast or around the areola (the dark tissue around your nipple).

If the degree of droop is minor then Dr Bugra may suggest that a ‘mini uplift’ will suffice. This involves an incision around the lower area of the areola only.

It is important to discuss your expectations with Dr Bugra before the surgery so that you understand how much the breast lift will achieve. He will also explain the most appropriate surgical methods for your procedure. A breast lift can occasionally be combined with a Breast Augmentation procedure in order to lift and reshape your breasts, making them look more youthful and firm.

Scars will be evident for the first six weeks after surgery. Thereafter they will change to a purple colour over the next three months before fading. We have had many satisfied patients and feel confident in offering the procedure, knowing we can provide great results that last and are safe.

Breast Lift and Recuperation

We advise that you take at least a week off work, depending on the nature of your occupation and what better way to recuperate than at a luxury hotel in sunny Cyprus.

Dr Bugra will advise you on when to gradually introduce your daily/weekly activities and exercise routines.