In Cyprus orthopaedic surgery is a particular area of medicine treating mainly acute injury, chronic arthritic and overuse conditions of the bones, joints and soft tissues.  

Our Cyprus orthopaedic surgery team have decades of experience in many specific areas of orthopaedic surgery including, joint replacement, musculoskeletal problems, sports injury and conditions associated with hereditary syndromes. 





The most common surgeries performed by our Cyprus orthopaedic surgery team are; 


A procedure to diagnose or clean out joints which may be damaged. The surgery is usually arthroscopic or in other words a “keyhole” surgery, meaning that probes are used to complete the operation which in turn leads to minimal scarring and the period of rehabilitation and recovery is dramatically reduced. Arthroscopy surgery is typically performed by our Cyprus orthopaedic surgery team for patients in the early stages of arthritis to help restore pain free movement 


This procedure involves the replacement of entire joints after degradation which is most commonly caused by arthritis. Constant pain and reduction in movement are commonly felt symptoms which lead patients to arthroplasty where the damaged cartilage and bone of the joint is surgically replacedThe most regularly performed operations by our Cyprus orthopaedic surgery team is hip joint replacements and knee joint replacements using the highest quality artificial joint materials such as ceramic, metal and plastic.  

Ligament Surgery

Most commonly due to traumatic injury, ligament repair can be needed at any major joint in the body to restore stability and full function. The most commonly seen ligament surgery is Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) repair in the knee joint which controls the stability of the knee when walking.  

Nerve Release

This surgery releases compression on a specific nerve in the body. Most commonly occurring in the wrist (carpal tunnel syndrome) or in the foot (tarsal tunnel syndrome), this procedure is the best option to restore function and reduce pain.  

Tendon Surgeries

These procedures can help restore the range of motion lost due to tendons which become shorter due to injury or scar tissue which connects tendons to surrounding tissues.      

All of our Cyprus orthopaedic surgery team perform in beautiful state of the art hospitals with the best medical technology available and highly trained medical staff.  

Each orthopaedic surgery procedure in Cyprus will have a varying degree of rehabilitation required afterwards however as part of the treatment package we will include comprehensive post-operative aftercare and physiotherapy guidance.  

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