Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus Testimonials in 2017 – 2020

Here are just a few examples of the amazing feedback we have received from our delighted patients from 2017 – 2020

I woke up this morning and overnight my body looked completely different, I literally lost 3.5kg in a few days and all the swelling is almost gone, everyone told me it was water retention and it will pass and I’m even more pleased now with the results!!! I went to bed a size 10/12 and woke up 8/10…. I once again can’t praise all of you enough, still have a little swelling left to go but I’m just so thankful I found you guys and still can’t thank Dr Bugra enough for his amazing work xxx

O.D. UK, Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift with Implants, March 2020. 

From the first email through to surgery day and support when I got home again, the process has been professional with a fabulous level of care. I am so happy with my results and very grateful to the whole team but especially to Dr Dervis for his amazing talent. So happy!

B. L. UK, Full Mid/Lower Face/Neck Lift, February 2020. 

20 days post surgery, everything is going really well, bruises gone, and besides a little pressure around my ears I am pain free, and most importantly no-one has told me I look tired – which I have heard constantly for years!. Again Thank you so much for all your patience and help. Please pass on my thanks and gratitude to Dr Dervis. He is a lovely caring man and a fantastic surgeon.

W.W. U.K. Mid/Lower Face/Neck Lift and Lower Blepharoplasty, December 2019

After having recent surgery with dr bugra can highly recommend . He is very good, efficient surgeon, who is also very helpful with advise and care. My experience with him is one of reassurance and honesty.
Gill, his co ordinater, is also extremely helpful and will always get back to you on any question or concern. Which was also and still is reassuring.especially after returning home. Dr bugra is popular with local community too. Well known and liked by many.

S.K. UK, Breast Reduction and Blepharoplasty, November 2019

I cannot express just how happy I am with the tummy tuck I had in November 2019. From start to finish the procedure was excellent, the hospital immaculate and Dr Bugra is an absolute artist.
He removed 3.2k of excess skin and fat that I have been unable to shift after losing 11.5 stone. I was incredibly self conscious of my saggy, bulging belly and had wanted this done for years but not had the money or courage to do so.
I now have the cutest new little belly button , a beautiful scar that has almost faded and a flat tummy which looks fab in any tight fitting clothing. Something I would never have been able to do or wear before my operation.
If you have even the slightest doubt about having this done in Cyprus…don’t… you won’t regret it! Cosmetic surgery Cyprus is outstanding value and I will definitely be back for a leg lift in the future.

S.R. UK, Tummy Tuck, November 19

No more baggy eyes, can’t believe how quickly I have recovered, wish I had done it years ago! What a great job! If I do a surgery again then definitely with Dr. Dervis and his team. Thank you.

K. D. U.K. Lower Blepharoplasty, October 2019

So pleased with how my nose looks after 12 months! Thanks so much guys

J. B. U.K. Rhinoplasty, September 2019

Dr Bugra has worked his magic again and I cant express my gratitude to you both enough, you have been a legend Gill. Will see you next year for phase 3.

L.H. UK, Thigh Lift and Arm Lift, July 19

I am 12 weeks post op now from having my breast implants exchanged and a breast lift and just wanted to say thank you to Gill and Dr Bugra for their amazing before and aftercare.
Gill answered any questions I had before the op and afterwards. On the day of my op i met dr bugra for the first time and was soon put at ease by his professionalism and honest but thorough approach.
The hospital was very clean and everyone was friendly.
I am very pleased with my results and even though my implants were very slightly smaller than before, they actually look bigger because they have more volume from the lift that i should have had a long time ago, the scarring is excellent and fading to barely anything.
Would not hesitate to return, once again thank you Gill and Dr bugra ?

N.K. UK, Breast Lift and Replacement Implants, Feb 2019

I just want to let you know that we both are healing well, we both have amazing results and cant believe its only been just over a month. So glad we chose Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus.

Mr and Mrs M U.K. Blepharoplasty, October 2018

Can i also just say that i do love them and dr bugra has done a wonderful job!

C.H. UK, Breast Lift with Implants, September 2018

Just want to say a big thank you for all your help.  I’m so happy it has changed my life.  I look in the mirror now and like what I see xxxxx

S.L. UK, Breast Reduction, June 2018

WOW!   I can’t believe the difference after only a few hours I now have 20/20 vision for the first time ever.  The procedure was painless and quick. The whole experience was fantastic.

K.D. UK, SMILE Laser Eye Surgery, May 2018

I don’t know how to thank Dr Cem and Selda enough for all their help and support through my surgery. From the first day i enquired about breast surgery i was kept up to date about the next step of the journey. I felt a bit guilty pestering Selda all the time but she was patient and would reply instantly to any queries i had. My breasts look and feel so much better than i ever expected!

S.L. UK, Breast Reduction, June 2018

I’ve had a wonderful time! I can’t thank you Gill enough for all your help, and Dr Burga too for being so friendly and putting me at ease.  I’m so pleased with the outcome I know they’re still quite swollen and high up and they will be perfect in a year but I love them they look great and I know they’ll look even better once they drop down! I made the best decision using Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus, I love Kyrenia and hope to come back!

S.G. UK, Breast Lift and Implants, Mar 2018

Can you tell Dr Bugra he is an absolute super star, i know it’s only been nearly a month and Ive still got swelling etc but I haven’t felt good about myself in such a long time, I haven’t felt good about myself wearing leggings in over a decade, thank you. I’m so over the moon with the results so far it’s amazing!!! Thank you Gill  and thank you for all your help too, you made things so easy for us even though I was being bit of a nightmare and worrying over nothing every five minutes.

R.W. UK, Tummy Tuck Procedure, Aug 2017

I am so pleased with the result so far, Dr Bugra is an artist and you can tell he takes pride in his work.
So I am off work for another week as have to admit I am a little tired,lol and I’v just had a great holiday in Cyprus!!

C.A. UK, Butt Implant Removal and Lift Procedures, Aug 2017

Dr Bugra did a fantastic job and I am his number one fan.   The wounds are so neat, please thank Dr Bugra.

SB, UK, Armlift and Tummy Tuck, August 2017

I must say I was extremely pleased with the whole process from start to finish. A very professional service that has gave my wife to be a massive confidence boost for our wedding and her self esteem, thank you all at Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus.

I wish hospitals in England were half as good as this place, it really is amazing.

Partner of K.A. UK, Breast Implants Procedure, July 2017

Came over to have my operation on the 11th July 2017 which I’m glad to say was a fantastic success. When I first started making enquirers into Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus I was quite a sceptic as I couldn’t find many online reviews. So I had Gill who is the patient coordinator call me and she reassured me that I was defiantly making the right choice by choosing Dr Bugra.
Because the north of Cyprus is not a place that I would normally consider to even go on holiday I still felt I needed more reassurances. So Gill put me in touch with previous patients who I stalked on social media because I still felt unsure, but once I spoke to one of them my concerns were banished as she had had a breast lift and tummy tuck and once she showed me her photos on Facebook  I was very impressed. When we got over to Cyprus I went and viewed the hospital before hand and my concerns where banished even further as it truly was a brand new and impressive hospital. When I went in for the op all the staff were brilliant and made me feel really really comfortable. Dr Bugra came and seen me before hand and explained the procedure thoroughly and made me feel that I really was in good hands. As I said before hand the operation was a success and I am so so happy with the job that has been done I would recommend Cosmetic surgery Cyprus to anybody thinking of having any procedures as I really do feel that I couldn’t of made a better choice any where else. The after care from Gill and Dr Bugra was second to none and I have strongly recommended them to my friends who are in the process of going to have operations. I would like to give a massive and greatfull thank you to all at cosmetic surgery Cyprus look forward to seeing you next year for my check up : ))

K.A. UK, Breast Implants Procedure, July 2017

I’m almost feeling 100% human and strangely refreshed…I got more sleep than I’ve had for years during the few days I was in Cyprus! Mountain View hotel provided a nice tranquil respite and as you advised, the team there were very friendly and welcoming.
One week post op, swelling has started to dissipate and I’m really encouraged by the shape that is emerging. I am following all the aftercare advice so will hopefully heal well.
I wanted to say a huge thank you to you Gill for all of your help, guidance and support throughout the process…it really made all the difference to what could have otherwise been a stressful or uncomfortable time.
Please also pass on my thanks to Dr Bugra – I appreciated his straightforward style and attention to detail.

C.S. UK, Fat Transfer to Buttocks Procedure (Brazilian Butt Lift), June 2017

Hi Jill thank you for everything you’ve done for me, can you please pass a message in to Dr Bugra,  I am so happy, I love my new boobies, I would recommend him to any one.  I will be back for liposuction later in the year!

G.D. UK, Breast Implant Procedure, May 2017

Fantastic value for money.
“If I could describe the service I received from the Cosmetic Surgery in Cyprus. I was seen on time. The surgeon was courteous , helpful and knowledgeable. All services and duties were performed to extra-ordinary levels.I went to enquire about arm lift surgery and left feeling very confident to have this done.
The clinic was so good I recommended it to my sister and she has an upcoming surgery following her appointment. The clinic is fantastic value for money.”

L.S. Cyprus, Armlift, May 2017

Great results so far for both of us from Dr Bugra, 4 weeks post op. You Gill instill confidence and belief in his patients, as well as superb professionalism !! It was your swift, efficient, professional yet friendly responses that made us book. We are so pleased that we did!!

P.H. Upper and Lower Eyelid Procedure, & R.H. Mini Facelift, April 2017

I was recommended Dr Bugra by a friend. I am several weeks post op. Having surgery has literally been life changing for me & I couldn’t recommend Dr Bugra enough. I am completely & utterly in awe of him. I have a long way to go yet but I am absolutely thrilled with the results so far. As I was having such extensive surgery & never having had surgery before, I had a lot of questions to ask beforehand & Gill answered every single one, even when she was on her holiday! She is completely dedicated to both the patients & to Dr Bugra & the answers she provided to my questions were detailed & informative.
Dr Bugra himself was completely honest at my first consultation which meant he gained my trust straight away, he didn’t sugar coat anything, he was open & honest whilst completely reassuring me.

On the day of my surgery, both Gill & Dr Bugra made me feel completely relaxed & totally at ease. Dr Bugra spent a great amount of time drawing all over me & was meticulous in doing so. It was a long operation & afterwards, he came up to the ward with me.

The after care has been second to none. I am still seeing Dr Bugra for reviews. He spends time with each of his patients checking incisions, changing dressings, asking how you are & answering any questions you may have, he doesn’t rush this at all which makes you feel valued & like he has each of his patient’s best interests at heart.

He provides a high level of after care & excellent reassurance & advice. He & Gill have answered every single question I’ve asked both before & after the op, no matter how trivial it may seem.

I’m so happy I chose Dr Bugra & wouldn’t hesitate to come back to him. In addition to being extremely thorough & a perfectionist, he also has a lovely bedside manner. He is professional, calm, friendly & even happy to share a joke or two! Both he & Gill have totally put me at ease throughout the whole experience. I can’t thank them enough!

V.T. Cyprus, Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck Procedure, April 2017

‘Words cannot describe how much Dr. Bugra has changed my life!  I’m now 3 months post op from my breast augmentation, I am so grateful.
Many thanks

L.B. UK, Breast Implant Procedure, March 2017

Hi Gill
Cannot tell you how pleased I am with my eyes. I now have eye lids!!
Tell the Dr I am happy to have before and after pics shown to convey his excellent work.
The healing is great too!!

C.C. UK, Upper Eyelid Procedure, April 2017

Just by having the breast uplift is going to make such a difference and already they look great and more importantly, they look like normal boobs. They have already started to take shape and look amazing. I’m sure once the stitches have dissolved and the swelling goes down, i’m going to love them!!

Thank you again to you both, I will be recommending you to anyone that is looking to have plastic surgery.

L.W. UK, Breastlift Procedure, April 2017

Can’t believe how good I feel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not ready to run a marathon but 3 days post op, the swelling and bruising on my face has gone down incredibly. Give it a few more days and I think it will be virtually all gone. And my biggest surprise has been my breast. Having had breast augmentation before and remembering how sore it was, I can’t believe how painless it is this time. I’m having to remind myself not to use my right arm too much.

I can’t praise Near East enough. Despite the language barrier, I felt very comfortable and well looked after. Dr Bugra, I’d recommend to anyone. Very pleasant, easy to talk to (which I think is important when considering surgery) I felt right from the start he had my best interests in mind. And yourself Gill, thank you for all your support.

Looking forward to Monday now and seeing myself without all the tape and binding.
It’s been an all round stress free, great experience.
Many thanks,

T.R. South Cyprus, Breast and Lower Eyelid Procedure, April 2017

So thanks to you both Gill. Wonderful treatment and aftercare. I feel very priviledged to know Dr. BUGRA  and yourself. I said to him ‘you have made me a new woman’ and he modestly said….’I’m just here to help’.

P.W. UK, Thigh lift, March 2017

I would like to thank you Gill and Dr. Bugra for completely changing my life! I’m so overwhelmed and happy with the results from my surgery, I have never felt better about myself.

L.B. UK, Breast Augmentation, March 2017

All is good here Dr Bugra was great and everything went smoothly, I must say I’ve been very impressed with how you have organised everything it made it so much easier for me. I really haven’t had any pain I have bruising and swelling at the moment (day 2!) but can also see how well it’s been done.
The Altinkaya hotel and staff are amazing such a lovely friendly place and they really can’t do enough for me.
Thankyou so much for everything I will definitely recommend you and your service to anyone who is thinking of doing something similar.
Thankyou again.

K.Q. UK, Upper and Lower Eyelid surgery, March 2017

I would recommend Dr Bugra to everyone​ ​I know ​who is ​considering ​plastic ​surgery.​ ​I very happy with my surgery​ and my friend is coming in April after seeing my results!​ I would like to say thank you again ​Gill ​for all you​r help​,​ you have been amazing, your emails hav​e made this procedure so much easier​ than I would ever have imagined​. Big thanks all round.

K.N. UK, Breastlift with Implants, February 2017

I​t’s been so reassuring to have you just a message away​ Gill​. I’m thrilled so far with the whole procedure – from being picked up at the airport to being so well looked after in hospital and now as I journey home. I’ll never think of going anywhere else for surgery!

L.M. UK, Tummy Tuck, January 2017