Tooth Whitening

At our clinic we provide a professional bleaching service. After one visit we can achieve a difference of between 5 and 7 shades. If you wish, we can provide a bleaching kit which you can use at home for permanent whiteness.

Tooth Contouring

Dental contouring can be used to change the shape and colour of teeth and is often combined with bonding, using a composite material to sculpt and shape the teeth. It is a simple procedure with no discomfort and no need for anaesthetic.

Aesthetic fillings

We can provide fillings to match the natural colour of the rest of your teeth, so that you are not conscious about how they look, thus augmenting that complete smile make over.

Root Canal Treatment

Our dentist is well versed in the provision of root canal treatment, the removal of the infected material, the provision of a temporary filling then the final permanent filling once all infection has cleared.

Treatment of Bad Breath

Our dentist provides a thorough descaling and polishing treatment which eliminates the occurrence of bad breath (halitosis).