An Inner Thigh Lift ( Thighplasty ) is a cosmetic procedure sometimes also called a thigh reduction, where excess or loose skin is removed from the inner thighs so that the remaining skin can be tightened and the thighs re-shaped to provide an improved and attractive contour, the procedure can also help reduce the appearance of cellulite. It is a popular procedure with patients who have lost weight and afterwards have been unable to fully tone the thighs with exercise and get rid of loose skin.

It is important to discuss your expectations with Dr Bugra before the surgery so that you understand how much improvement is possible. He will also discuss with you the exact position and length of the incision in order that you can agree the best outcome for you and understand the result that will be achieved. We often team a thigh lift with liposuction where the patient still has some fatty deposits to be removed, giving a youthful and firm result.

After the first four to six weeks following surgery your scars will start to fade and change to a lighter pink colour. Over time they will fade to your natural skin colour; this can be helped with the use of a silicone ointment applied to the incision line. We have had many satisfied patients and feel confident in offering the procedure, knowing we can provide great results that last and are safe.

Thigh Lift and Recuperation

We advise that you take at least a week off work, depending on the nature of your occupation and what better way to recuperate than at a luxury hotel in sunny Cyprus.

Dr Bugra will advise you on when to gradually introduce your daily/weekly activities and exercise routines.