Anyone considering facial cosmetic surgery abroad is understandably nervous about choosing to have their cosmetic surgery abroad, owing to worries that something could go wrong. At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we limit these risks by using the best state of the art modern hospital facilities, where our specialist cosmetic surgeons are accompanied in the operating theatre by a fully trained medical team during the course of any plastic surgery procedure abroad, and of course our surgeons have been carefully selected and are the most talented and sought after plastic surgeons in Europe.

Our passion for excellence in patient care and aftercare is unsurpassed. At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we provide 24 hour post operative care and advice, whilst still in Cyprus and after your return home. We provide clear and comprehensive post operative instructions to aid recovery after your facial cosmetic surgery abroad and prompt responses to any questions or concerns to ensure that your recovery is problem and worry free.

Whilst the price of your facial plastic surgery abroad is of course important to you it should not be the main deciding factor in reaching a decision; the calibre of our plastic surgeon and high quality of hospital/operating facilities should be uppermost in your considerations when deciding where to have your cosmetic surgery abroad. At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus most of our patients travel from the UK for their facial cosmetic surgery abroad, we therefore conveniently price all procedures in Sterling so that patients do not have to concern themselves with exchange rate fluctuations, the weak pound or even the impact of Brexit on their cosmetic surgery abroad.

Amongst the most popular facial cosmetic surgery abroad is rhinoplasty abroad, sometimes entitled nose job abroad, if you look at the Photo Gallery on our Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus website you will see some incredible ‘transformations’ performed by our amazing Dr Bugra and his rhinoplasty procedures abroad. Our patients range from 18 to 70 years and whether it is to help with breathing problems, or to correct damage from an injury, or just to make your nose a more aesthetically pleasing shape to you, across the world hundreds of thousands of patients turn to rhinoplasty abroad annually and our patients marvel at the expertise of Dr Bugra and the results he produces from his rhinoplasty abroad

Another of the very popular cosmetic surgery procedures abroad is blepharoplasty abroad, whether upper blepharoplasty abroad, lower blepharoplasty abroad or both upper and lower blepharoplasty abroad, it is a very straight forward procedure and you can opt to have it under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. As a possible patient you either already know what procedure you are looking for when you first approach Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus or Dr Bugra can provide you with his recommendations for your eyelid surgery abroad based on photographs. Dr Bugra has in excess of 25 years experience of performing facial plastic surgery abroad and also performs the full range of body cosmetic surgery abroad. He trained at Istanbul University and Sisli Etfal Hospital in Istanbul before coming to practise in North Cyprus. He has made a lot of patients very happy, both those resident in Cyprus and those patients who come to sunny Cyprus and make a holiday of their facial cosmetic surgery abroad.

Of course when considering the main facial cosmetic surgery abroad procedures the facelift is up there amongst the most popular. Consultation is via photograph for the majority of our patients travelling from UK. You have a choice of mid/lower facelift or mini facelift, when considering facelift abroad. Depending on your age and health status Dr Bugra will advise what is the best facelift surgery abroad for you. If younger, nearer 50 than 60 a mini facelift abroad may give you the result you are looking for under a 3 to 4 hour local anaesthetic, without the need for an overnight stay in hospital following your facial surgery abroad. If you are older and in good health and a non smoker then Dr Bugra will recommend the full mid/lower facelift abroad to give you the best result including pleating of the neck muscles, which is why this procedure is often termed necklift abroad. A facelift or necklift abroad is conducted under general anaesthetic and you stay in hospital afterwards overnight for monitoring following your facial surgery abroad. Before your procedure on arrival in Cyprus you will have a face to face consultation in Cyprus with Dr Bugra where Dr Bugra will explain to you in detail how he performs the procedure.

Choosing to have your cosmetic surgery abroad with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus allows you the privacy to recuperate on the sun drenched island of Cyprus, where you are free to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of this wonderful Mediterranean island in complete comfort and privacy, and when you return home no-one need even know that you have had cosmetic surgery abroad, they will just believe you have been on an amazing beauty retreat in a sunny place with outstanding results.