Hair transplantation is an excellent option for millions of men and women worldwide for a number of reasons. To treat hair loss, there are various methods with hair transplant surgery (aka hair grafting) being the most commonly used and the most effective treatment.

Transplant surgery is a straight forward surgical procedure that can be easily performed as an outpatient without the need for an overnight stay in hospital. The best thing about it? You no longer need to have a scalp that looks like a field of newly planted corn. The techniques have now been significantly improved, compared to a decade ago, and new technologies have been introduced, drastically changing the face of the hair transplant industry.

Groundbreaking FUE Technique for Undetected Hair Transplant ( DRT CARE SYSTEM )

The recently introduced U-FUE (Unshaven Follicular Unit Extraction) method is minimally invasive and allows us to perform the procedure without leaving a distinct linear scar at the back of the scalp or having to shave the head before the treatment. Since single hair follicles are extracted with its normal-length hair and then cut and implanted as just the root, you exit the surgeon’s office with hair that looks exactly the same as before you had the treatment and some redness that can be disguised or covered up with your existing hair and subsides in a couple of days. In the course of the next 12 months, the transplanted hair (up to 5,000 or more hairs, depending on the case) will start to grow naturally, and since we are not talking about an overnight change, your hair transplant surgery will be totally undetected!

The Procedure: Dr Tayfun has Developed an Enhanced Approach that Ensures Success

Before we perform FUE, we use a cutting-edge hair transplantation program that allows us to analyse the hair in the donor area (where hairs will be taken from) in terms of thickness, frequency, and number. It is a highly advanced program that very few hair transplantation clinics around the world possess at the moment.

Once we determine the exact number of hairs you will need to cover your hairless zones, we plan the hair transplantation and agree the donor areas with the patient. The procedure involves the removal of healthy hair follicles from the donor areas (usually the sides or back of the head). Then, we graft them onto the thinning or bald areas.

To do so, we use a specialised device (no more than 0.9mm in diametre) that helps up extract follicular units with their necessary glands and vital elements for better survival rate and hair growth while also separating surrounding tissue from the follicular unit. This means that we can deliver ever better results with extremely-minimal-to-no detectable scarring. The technique can be performed manually by Dr. Tayfun – a leading expert in hair transplantation and world-esteemed medical professional that specialises in FUE – or with the utilisation of a micro motor tool (aka FUE engine). Thanks to the high-powered microscope and specially designed instruments Dr. Tayfun uses, all the work is performed with utmost precision and gives you a very natural-looking result!

The treatment is carried out under local anaesthesia which allows patients to return to work the day following the procedure.

The Hair Loss Problem


Almost 50% of men experience some degree of hair loss that can occur as early as their late teens or 20s. The overwhelming majority of these men suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia or Male Pattern Baldness, which is a hereditary condition that takes place when a particular male hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone) causes certain hair follicles to shrink. As a result, the hair produced by these follicles has a significantly shorter lifespan.

Among the first areas that men with Male Pattern Baldness see hair loss is in their crown and around their temples and hairline. However, patterns may vary case by case. Also, stress, physical reactions to medication, and disease can cause hair loss in men which in turn can affect their confidence and self-esteem.

It is better to treat the problem as early as possible. So, it’s strongly advised to seek help and diagnose the extent and cause of your hair loss. Dr. Tayfun can assess your condition and recommend further action, such as hair transplantation, especially if the hair is permanently lost and balding has already occurred. His advanced skills and deep knowledge of hair surgery have been extremely valuable to the thousands of male and female patients that have trusted his expert hands to treat hair loss issues.

Why Should Men Opt for FUE Hair Transplantation

Follicular Unit Extraction and unshaven FUE are ideal solutions for men with bald spots because they offer:

  •  No stitches
  •  No linear scarring
  •  No invasive procedures
  •  Faster recovery time (compared to other methods such as Strip surgery)
  •  Undetectable results
  •  Minimal trauma to the scalp
  •  Denser packing because only the healthiest and strongest follicles are transplanted (we do not work by graft but by hair)
  •  Natural-looking results
  •  Visible results (outline of the new hair line) right after the treatment).
  •  Fast recovery (the slight swelling and redness subside within 5-7 days).


Hair loss in women usually manifests in more diffuse patterns and can also occur at any age. Compared to men, thinning of the hair in women can be the result of anything from lack of adequate nutrition to underlying conditions (rather than a hereditary disease) such as thyroid disorders, polycystic ovary syndrome, anaemia, and skin conditions (i.e. psoriasis).


However, the most common kind of female hair loss is, again, Androgenetic Alopecia and affects 50% of women with hair thinning problems. It can be attributed to changes in the levels of male hormones inside the woman’s body (androgens), which result in thinning of the hair on the head or family history of male/female pattern baldness. Typically, the hair follicles that are shed are not replaced by others of the same size but thinner and finer hair. Eventually, the hair follicles shrink to the point they no longer grow.

The difference between female and male-pattern baldness

In female-pattern baldness, hair thinning is different than in male-pattern baldness. In short:

  •  The front hairline does not recede as much as in men with androgenetic alopecia.
  •  Hair starts to thin on the crown and top of the scalp, not the temples.
  •  It usually does not progress to near total or total baldness.
  •  There is no skin sores or itchiness of the scalp as is in men.

Why Should Women Opt for FUE Hair Transplantation

Besides the benefits mentioned above, FUE is a particularly effective treatment for women:

  •  Suffering from Traction Alopecia (including alopecia marginalis – similar to traction alopecia).
  •  With a distinct male-pattern baldness.
  •  That have had previous plastic or cosmetic surgery and have noticed hair loss (or are concerned about it) around the incision lines.
  •  That have experienced hair loss after a burn, trauma or scarring from an accident.
  •  In their menopause with reduced hair density.

Besides the significant difference in the extent of female hair thinning, it’s evidenced that 1 in 4 women will experience hair thinning at some point in her life. With hair being considered a critical factor that affects women’s self-esteem and confidence, losing it or suffering from thinning of the hair may result in psychological issues, such as depression, that can be easily avoided with hair transplantation, particularly FUE.

Nevertheless, perhaps the most important factor that will determine the treatment’s outcome is the hair surgeon’s ability to take into consideration the reasons behind hair loss and target strictly individualised treatments to the patient’s specific diagnosis and scalp issues. With Dr Tayfun, you won’t find any quick fixes or blanket methods. Each treatment is personalised to meet the patients’ particular needs. With hair analysis and one of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons in Europe, we are able to provide you with the most advanced and minimally invasive hair transplantation method of FUE at extremely competitive prices.

We don’t just promise beautiful, healthy hair all over your scalp.
We know how to deliver our promise and prevent future hair loss.

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