Many of our patients are understandably very nervous about choosing to have their Facelift abroad owing to concerns around what if something should go wrong etc. At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we try to limit any such concerns by only using the best state of the art hospital facilities, our passion for patient care excellence and we have probably the most talented cosmetic surgeon in Europe with Dr Bugra.

Although most people view a facelift as an invasive procedure when you choose to have your facelift abroad it is in fact a procedure with only minimal recovery time. For international patients you can fly home 6 days after your facelift abroad. Although if you want to combine your surgery with a family holiday you may wish to stay longer as Cyprus is a great place to relax and recuperate.

We strongly recommend to all our patients that they carry out as much research as possible before deciding on which surgeon to use for their facelift abroad. Most surgeons can provide before and after photos of previous work but more importantly you should try to obtain personal recommendations from previous patients of the surgeon.

Aftercare is also very important; at Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we provide 24/7 post operative aftercare. Not only do we provide comprehensive instructions to aid your recovery after your facelift abroad but we provide immediate responses to any questions or concerns that you may have to ensure that your recuperation is problem free.

Although the cost of your facelift abroad will be important to you it should not be the primary factor in deciding where to have your surgery. At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus because most of our patients travel from the UK for their facelift abroad we conveniently price all of procedures in GBP so that our patients do not have to worry about exchange rate fluctuations, the weak pound or the impact of Brexit etc.

Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus will make all the arrangements for your trip to make the whole experience of having your facelift abroad as stress free as possible. We will help you to find the best value flights, arrange airport transfers and will book your Cyprus hotel.