Breast Implant surgery abroad is becoming increasingly more popular, often referred to as a ‘boob job’, breast augmentation or breast enlargement abroad, as patients realise that they can have access to the best surgeon in Europe with our plastic surgeon Dr Bugra, at a fraction of the cost they will pay in UK.

Dr Bugra has been practising plastic surgery in excess of 25 years and has a legion of satisfied patients who are all happy to share their experience of having breast implants abroad with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus. Indeed after their breast implants abroad patients often return for further surgery, be it tummy tuck, fat transfer to buttocks, nose surgery to mention but a few of the many procedures that we perform. We also often have the friends, colleagues and relatives of patients also coming for breast implants abroad or one of our other procedures once they see the amazing results experienced by their nearest and dearest following breast implants abroad with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus.

So what are the benefits of coming to Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus for your breast implants abroad?

  1. The calibre of our surgeon, with Dr Bugra you will not find a more respected or talented surgeon anywhere. Whilst patients often put price first, which is to a degree understandable, however you should be very sure of the qualifications, experience and reputation of your plastic surgeon before choosing a clinic.
  2. Standard of hospital/clinic. At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus you will have your breast implants abroad in a world class private hospital with a full team of medical staff in support of Dr Bugra. You will stay over night for monitoring and you can have a friend/relative to stay with you on the guest divan in your private en suite room at no additional charge.
  3. Aftercare – Dr Bugra will come to see you later in the day after your surgery to check on you. He will then examine you on the morning after surgery and discharge you from hospital. On day 5 or 6 after surgery he will remove the elastic bandaging and transfer you to your post operative sports bra and provide full instructions on how you should massage your breast post breast implant surgery abroad.
  4. Communication – throughout the lead up to the procedure, whilst you are in Cyprus and well after your return to UK Gill our patient co-ordinator will be in direct contact with you 24/7 to answer all questions and provide advice as required. Our aftercare is second to none.
  5. And of course there is the pricing, at 2017 prices breast implants abroad cost £2,550 for round implants and £2,750 for anatomical/teardrop shaped implants with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus – a considerable saving on UK prices.
  6. Privacy, if you choose to have breast implants abroad with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus you have the peace of mind of knowing that your procedure is completely private. You can rest and recuperate on the beautiful island of Cyprus where the sun shines 330 days of the year, with no risk of bumping into anyone you know whilst you are in recuperation.
  7. Ease and low cost of travel and accommodation – we help our patients to find the best value flights, whether out of London or Liverpool we can find flights often around £60 or £70 return to Larnaca (the airport we recommend you use for ease of travel on to Kyrenia).
  8. We also have two lovely hotels in the holiday town of Kyrenia where we have discounted rates for our patients. You can stay for as little as £210 bed, breakfast and evening meal in a single room for a week. And please do not worry about travelling alone, the staff at these two hotels really look after our patients having cosmetic surgery abroad and there will always be another patient staying at the hotel with whom you can chat, drink coffee, compare stories or dine with in the evening.

So who might benefit from breast implants abroad with Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus?

  1. We have ladies of all ages coming to us, starting with young girls who at the age of 17 and a half, the youngest age at which Dr Bugra can legally operate and then with parental consent before the age of 18, through to older ladies who with the ravages of age, childbirth and gravity feel they need a little ‘help’.
  2. Post puberty some ladies suffer from micromastia where the breast tissue just has not developed into proper full breasts, or where there has been an asymmetrical breast development. Dr Bugra can help to restore body confidence with breast implant surgery abroad to give you the breasts you have always desired.
  3. No age is too old for breast implants abroad, they can be teamed with a lift to add extra volume to a lift for example post childbirth and breast feeding or just as a result of old age. Indeed some ladies have sufficient breast tissue so do not require breast implant surgery and opt for a breastlift to provide a lifted and projected result, placing their breasts where they used to be when they were younger!

So how do I get started?

The first step is to contact Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus either by phone on UK land line 0161 660 3318, or via email: or via our Facebook page.

We will ask for photos from the front and each side, your age, your current bra size and the size you aspire to become following breast implant surgery abroad. Dr Bugra provides his recommendations and a firm price then we take it from there. The team can help you to find the best value flights to align with your requested procedure date and Dr Bugra’s availability and book your hotel for you. It is as simple as that! So wait no longer, contact us now and take the first step toward the new body you have been dreaming of!