Why would you consider having your breast reduction surgery abroad

If you have large breasts that maybe the cause of neck pain, back pain, or perhaps your breasts other physical symptoms, you may be considering breast reduction surgery.  Also, if the size of your breasts are lowering your confidence and self-esteem you may wish to correct this by having breast reduction surgery abroad.

At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus, we perform breast reduction surgery on both women and men who may be suffering from gynaecomastia (in which male breasts are abnormally enlarged).

breast reduction surgery abroad

What to expect from your breast reduction surgery abroad

Your breast reduction surgery will be carried out under a general anaesthetic and although the operation only takes around three and a half hours you will spend the night following your procedure in a private en-suite room at a world class hospital in North Cyprus so that we can provide you with the necessary aftercare and monitor your recovery for the first 24 hours.

Although there are a number of different techniques involved in breast reduction surgery our surgeons tend to prefer the “keyhole” or “lollipop” approach. This method requires fewer incisions than the traditional “anchor” method, and therefore leaves less noticeable scarring.  The surgical team will remove extra skin, tissue, and fat from your breasts and reposition your nipple. Although you will have a lollipop shaped scar around the nipple with a single line extending down to the breast crease under the breast this will fade over time.  We recommend the use of silicon strips to assist and speed up the fading process.


Recuperation After Your Breast Reduction Surgery Abroad

You should plan on spending a week in Cyprus for your breast reduction surgery abroad which will cover your operation and check-ups following the operation.  You will be able to relax and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean climate of Cyprus during your initial recuperation.  You will be able to fly home one week after your breast reduction surgery abroad.

We recommend that you refrain from any physical activity for 3 – 4 weeks following your surgery but you will be able to return to work after 1 week provided that you do not have a job that involves strenuous activities or heavy lifting.


Patient Satisfaction

At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we have been providing breast reduction surgery for many years and still maintain our 100% satisfaction rating.   The most common reaction from our patients is “why did I wait so long and not do this years ago”.