The simple answer to this often-asked question is yes, it is much cheaper to have breast surgery abroad.   There are many countries offering breast surgery procedures, prices do very significantly, and not all countries represent good value for money.   It is important to take account of not only the price of the surgery but the standard of facilities being offered, the quality of the after care and most importantly the skill and experience of the cosmetic surgeon.


Is Cyprus a good place for my breast surgery abroad

In recent years Cyprus has been growing in popularity as a destination for health tourism and in particular for breast surgery abroad.   The year-round warm Mediterranean climate and laid-back lifestyle makes Cyprus an ideal place to recuperate and relax after your breast surgery abroad.


The facilities offered by the hospitals in North Cyprus are world class and are superior to the hospitals that you will find in the UK.   Unlike the UK, there are no instances of MRSA or C Dif viruses in North Cyprus hospitals therefore you should not have any concerns about your overnight stay in hospital following your breast surgery abroad.


Many of the hospitals in North Cyprus are new with state of the art facilities.  You will be allocated a private en-suite room many of which have an amazing view overlooking the beautiful Mediterranean sea.  Following your breast surgery abroad, if you wish, you can have a friend or relative stay with you overnight in your private room in hospital at no additional cost.



How much will I save on my breast surgery abroad

The actual savings you can make by having breast surgery abroad will vary depending on the procedure you choose to have but generally in North Cyprus you can save up to 70% on UK prices.  The reason that North Cyprus represents such good value for you breast surgery abroad is that the cost of living is much cheaper than other countries in Europe therefore the wages of the staff are much lower than the UK and the surgeon does not have to charge so much for his services.  You can be assured that the cost saving does not mean that you compromise on the quality of the healthcare that you receive which is on a par with the best private UK hospitals.

Clearly there is more to surgery abroad than just the cost of the procedure itself. You need to get there and stay there, and you may also need to consider these costs for your partner or a friend or relative to go along with you.

At cosmetic surgery Cyprus we can arrange your airport transfers, hotel accommodation and all the arrangements for you breast surgery abroad and also help you to find the most cost effective flights.

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