Top Tips for Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

Cosmetic surgery recovery times will vary dependent on many factors including the age of the patient, health of the patient and type of surgery. Although cosmetic surgery recovery is quicker than the recovery process for more invasive general surgery procedures, it is still important for patients to follow the post-operative instructions carefully. Generally, cosmetic surgery recovery includes healing of the skin, tissue and sometimes even muscle, along with the additional recovery from any anaesthetic that was used during the procedure. Here at Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we have put together a few helpful hints and tips to help you achieve a quick and easy cosmetic surgery recovery.


The most effective way to reduce cosmetic surgery recovery time is to start preparing early and ensure you are in good health.

cosmetic surgery recoveryIf you are a smoker, then we would recommend stopping as soon as possible before your surgery. Smoking impacts the general health of your lungs and heart which can negatively impact the use of general anaesthetic during the operation and slow healing. So where possible, it is important to stop smoking early and refrain from smoking for a long as possible throughout your healing too.

Alcohol can weaken the immune system and can also slow the cosmetic surgery recovery process so we would recommend avoiding alcohol for 48 hours before and for two weeks after the surgery.


If you are able to achieve your ideal weight before surgery, then you are likely to achieve the shortest recovery time and best result. When you are significantly overweight the risk of complications from surgery and anaesthesia such as infection, bleeding and circulation problems are higher and being overweight also slows recovery after cosmetic surgery. Therefore, we would recommend you try and achieve your goal weight or close to this before having surgery, particularly for tummy tuck, breast reduction or arm and thigh lift surgeries.


Avoid the Sun

We all know that protecting our skin from the sun is best as the sun can create damage and cosmetic surgery recoveryprematurely age the skin. Any cut to the skin will heal with a scar and this scar will need to be protected from the sun for as long as possible after surgery but usually at least 6-12 months post-surgery.

Cover your scars with loose clothing when going outside and if you have had surgery to your face make sure you wear a loose, wide brimmed hat where possible. Reducing sun exposure will speed up your cosmetic surgery recovery and prevent the scars darkening unnecessarily.


Eat and Drink Healthily

Before having cosmetic surgery, you should adopt a healthy diet so your body is in the best cosmetic surgery recoverystate to deal with the demands of the surgery and the recovery afterwards. As you may have some blood loss during the surgery, we would recommend eating lots of foods high in iron such as beans, seeds, red meat, tofu or green leafy vegetables. Foods high in zinc (garlic, shrimp, eggs, spinach) and vitamin C (red peppers, broccoli and kale) are also recommended. Staying hydrated is also important, so we would recommend 1.5 litres of water daily to speed up your cosmetic surgery recovery.


Avoid Excessive Exercise

After cosmetic surgery, the incision area will be sensitive and should be treated with care. cosmetic surgery recoveryEvery patient and operation will be different as to the exact time before exercise can be resumed. Generally, light cardio, such as gentle walking can be resumed after 2 weeks. You should not do any vigorous exercise for 6 to 8 weeks, starting gently and listening to your body, ensuring you feel no pain and the activity does not cause any swelling. You should not run or jog for 2 months and again weight activity should not start until after this time and should be started slowly.


Have Patience

The most important thing to speed up your cosmetic surgery recovery is to stay calm, avoid stress and be patient. Follow the instructions given by Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus and our cosmetic surgery recoverydoctor after your procedure and accept that healing takes time and the true results of the procedure may take around 6-12 months to become apparent.

We are available throughout your entire recovery process, so if you ever have any questions, concerns or just want to show off your excellent results please don’t hesitate to get in touch.