More and more people are choosing to travel overseas to have a tummy tuck abroad procedure to take advantage of obtaining better value for money, receiving better quality of care and obtaining a higher standard of surgeon.   All surgery procedures carry a degree of risk however you can greatly reduce the level of risk by carrying out careful research before committing to the surgery.   This guiding principle applies to having a tummy tuck abroad.

Which Country is best for a Tummy Tuck abroad?

The most common mistake made by many people when considering where to go for their tummy tuck abroad surgery is to base their decision purely on cost.   Whilst obtaining good value for money is important to us all, it should never be the primary reason for determining where to have your tummy tuck abroad.

By far the most important factor is choosing the most experienced cosmetic surgeon for your tummy tuck abroad.  It is not just his qualifications and the number of years’ experience and although these factors are important, it is seeing the results of his previous surgeries that is of paramount importance.  If the surgeon is confident in his work, he should be happy to help you speak to his other past patients as there is no better reassurance than past patients who are delighted with the results of their tummy tuck abroad.

Tummy Tuck Abroad – Before and After 2 weeks

Another important factor in choosing where to have your tummy tuck abroad is the standard of healthcare that you will receive, before during and after your surgery.  Some cosmetic surgeons perform surgery in small clinics with limited facilities whilst others such as “Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus” perform their operations in world class hospitals.   You should also ask about the number of instances of infections from viruses such as MRSA and C Dif.

Tummy Tuck Abroad – After 4 months

Aftercare Following Your  Tummy Tuck Abroad

Last but not least you should enquire about the level of aftercare that you will receive immediately after the tummy tuck abroad operation and the ongoing support that you will receive once you have returned home.  Again past patients are a good source of information on this important aspect of the overall care package.

At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we are confident that we can provide you with the best aftercare support which continues long after you have returned home.  We will provide ongoing support on a 24/7 basis to provide advice and answer any questions or concerns that you may have and you can have free of charge check-ups with Dr Bugra for as long as you require.

Whilst there are many countries to choose from to have your tummy tuck abroad there are few countries that can compare to Cyprus which is the perfect place to have a relaxing break and recuperate after your tummy tuck abroad.