At Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus we have provided rhinoplasty surgery in Cyprus for many years rhinoplasty in Cyprusand still maintain our 100% satisfaction rate.

Patients choose to have a rhinoplasty in Cyprus for several reasons, usually a patient is not happy with the shape or size of their nose and wish to have rhinoplasty in Cyprus to improve their appearance.

A standard rhinoplasty can give the patient either extensive or milder changes depending on the requirements of the patient, and you will have a detailed face to face consultation with our surgeon to discuss the exact outcome required from the rhinoplasty in Cyprus.

Rhinoplasty Options

We perform three types of rhinoplasty in Cyprus:




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A septo-rhinoplasty will not only improve the size and shape of the nose but also correct the septum to make breathing easier, and patients often choose to have septo-rhinoplasty in Cyprus following a sporting or car accident, or to correct a childhood defect.

Usually a rhinoplasty or septo-rhinoplasty in Cyprus is performed using the ‘open’ method of rhinoplasty which gives the surgeon greater control of the final result, a tiny incision on underside of the columella is the only scar, and this fades to nothing.

The third type of rhinoplasty is a tipplasty, and this is performed when only a small change to the nosetip is required by the patient.

Examples of all types of rhinoplasty in Cyprus can be seen in our Before and After Photo Gallery:


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Why Choose To Have A Rhinoplasty In Cyprus?

So why do patients come to Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus for rhinoplasty in Cyprus?

  1. We offer the services of the leading plastic surgeons in Europe and world class hospital and operating facilities.
  2. Our level of care before and during your stay in Cyprus, along with our aftercare services, are second to none.
  3. Despite the expertise of our surgeons and quality of hospital our prices for rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty and tipplasty in Cyprus remain extremely competitive.
  4. Patients can have the procedure in the privacy of Cyprus away from family, friends and work colleagues and enjoy a holiday in the beautiful sunny climate of Cyprus whilst recuperating.
  5. Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus will help you to find the best value flights, accommodation to suit your individual needs, and can arrange all transport within Cyprus for you to make the whole experience as easy and stress free as possible.

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We find that once patients have been to Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus they return again and again for further procedures along with their friends, family and colleagues who also wish to avail themselves of the amazing services of Cosmetic Surgery Cyprus.